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About us


The greener grower


From humble beginnings as a one man-one truck operation to a North-American wide grower and distributor of quality plants Harster Greenhouses has always relied on integrity in business and a keen eye for unique new varieties in order to grow.

We believe in maximizing value for our partners and end-consumers as the green in "greener" has many meanings.

Art as well as science  


Like any accomplished artist our growers love what they do and take pride in growing beautiful flowers. They continually seek new ways to get the most out of their crops and enjoy tinkering with new growing mediums and methods. 

The only thing they prefer to improving their existing plants is learning how to grow new ones!

It's all about the customer


We strive to provide excellent customer service with an emphasis on personalized relationships. Everyone here is on a first name basis and we want our customers to feel the same way. From wholesaler, retailer, to consumer, we believe everyone should be given the same level of in-depth service.

You can trust in the fact that we are pleased to interact and help you to the best of our abilities.  

The greenhouses

Complete environmental control  


Every aspect of the indoor climate in our greenhouses is controlled by state of the art environmental control computers that regulate everything from air temperature and flow to soil moisture and the amount of shade. Each crop of flowers needs specific conditions therefore each section of the greenhouses has a different climate. Walking through our facility is like walking through a desert to a temperate forest and everything in between in less than a few minutes!  

The facility


Nestled in the fields of West Flamborough our 7 acre facility combines state of the art greenhouses with crop lands, a farm, and even a horse pasture. Two warehouses and 32 greenhouse bays allow us to grow many different varieties and prepare them for transport. Most of our employees use bicycles to get around since walking takes too much time!     




The warehouses 


We invest heavily in automation in order to move, prepare, pack, and ship our plants as efficiently as possible. Stepping into our warehouses is like stepping into a fully automated flower factory. From automatic conveyor belts and box making machines to robots that can delicately handle and wrap individual plants, our operation is based on speed and efficiency.    

Rolling greenhouses


Our climate controlled fleet of 40' trucks serves continental North America and is driven by seasoned professionals. 

Each truck is top of the line in its class and is regularly maintained to assure safety and efficiency.

Our drivers take pride in their vehicles and the service they provide our valued customers.  

Transport guarantee   


Whether it's a local drop off or a cross country delivery we make sure our products arrive on time and in good condition. 

Be assured in the knowledge that your product will arrive when you need it and that should something unforseen happen fair compensation will be provided. 

Safe and secure


We are proud to operate in close collaboration with the U.S. government Customs and Border Protection Agency to ensure that our containers are secured at all times. Our operations and fleet comply with Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) requirements and incur yearly safety audits by the Department of Homeland Security.  


250 Hamilton Regional Road 8, Hamilton
Ontario, Canada L9H 5E1

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