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Crispy wave

The natural air purifier

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The very first member of the Aerify Plant Collection. A truly one of a kind sculpted fern that is finally available in North America.

A Crispy Wave is the perfect addition to your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, or any place needing a breath of fresh air!


Latin name                       

Asplenium Nidus "CW"




Purifies the air, easy care, grows endlessly

Available sizes                                   

2.5" - 4” - 6" 


Black smoked glass vase, decorative pot, biodegradable pot Light                                  

Low to medium light


Water once a week, soil must drain well, do not let sit in water        


68 to 75 Fahrenheit (20 to 24 Celsius)

Pack Size                          

15 or 18 units / pack



One in a Million
In 1961, gardener Haruo Sugimoto discovered a unique fern in the primeval forest on Yaku island off the southern coast of Japan. Here, amongst some of the most exotic ferns on earth, he found one solitary sprout that stood out thanks to its stiff and elegantly wavy fronds with a deep yellow-green colour. Over the next few decades he tried to breed it without losing its unique characteristics as it was something never seen before. It wasn't until the year 2000, some 40 years later, that Mr. Sugimoto managed to subculture the version we know today of which his family still owns the patent¹!     
The Natural Air Purifier
The waviness of the Crispy Wave's fronds increases their actual surface area compared to other ferns which, according to NASA's air purifying plant study², is the number one factor in determining a plant's oxygen producing capabilities. In addition, the fronds' thickness and rigidity allow the Crispy Wave to filter harmful particles such as formaldehyde from the air to a higher degree than even the fabled but fragile leafed Boston Fern; a high scorer in the NASA study. The fact that the Crispy Wave can grow endlessly if put in a larger container means that its air purifying properties will only improve the longer you have it!    
King of Ferns
The Crispy Wave's greatest asset, other than its exotic elegance, is its lifespan; if you care for this low maintenance plant it will take care of keeping your air naturally clean for a very long time. Ferns usually have long shelf lives but due to its uniquely strong fronds, hardiness, and adaptability the Crispy Wave can outlive almost any other potted plant. Some of those bred by Mr. Sugimoto lasted over 30 years!



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