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Mini Cyclamen

The new kid on the block

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The newest addition to our miniature collection the mini cyclamen is as hardy and beautiful as a regular sized plant albeit on a smaller scale. A plethora of vibrant colors makes this cutie the perfect addition to any home or garden.


Latin name                       



Primulaceae (Myrsinoideae)


Many flowers, unique varieties, colorful

Available sizes                                   



Decorative pots, ceramic pots, self watering pots


Medium light


Keep well drained   


64 to 72 Fahrenheit (18 to 22 Celsius)

Pack Size                          

15, 24, 28, or 32 units/pack




Cyclamen are a genus of plants containing 20 species, which are part of the family of Primulaceae, the Primrose family. In the wild, their distribution is centred on the mediterranean, being natives of parts of Europe, western Asia and parts of North Africa. They are tuberous plants and have no obvious affinity with Primroses, although they do resemble the North American Dodecatheon in having reflexed petals. Their habitats range from Fagus (Beech) woodland, through scrub and rocky areas, to alpine meadows where they flower in snow meltwater. The genus is notable for the fact that although it is small, there are species which flower in every month of the year.


In cultivation, there are some species which are definitely hardy, some which are borderline, and a few species which will not tolerate any frost. Cultivars of C. persicum are grown mainly as flowering houseplants for the holiday season. Their attractive blooms, ranging in colour from pure white to bright red, and including shades of pink, salmon, mauve and purple, are held above the foliage. The upturned petals in some cultivars are ruffled or fringed and the centres of the flowers are a different colour. The delicate flowers contrast with the often marbled leaves. There are also a number of miniature cultivars that are lightly scented.


Cyclamen are tuberous plants adapted to Mediterranean conditions. They have clearly defined growing, blooming and rest cycles. They bloom mainly in winter and their natural rest period begins in spring. They then enter dormancy during the hot summer months.


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