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Mini Orchid

Jewel of the flower world

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Elegant and beautifully exotic, miniature Orchids are one of nature's most beloved small treasures. Delicate flowers with vivid colours and intricate detail and design; they capture our imagination and invoke the curiosity of escaping to ancient worlds and far away places.


Latin name                       





Many flowers, blooms year-round, unique varieties, colorful

Available sizes                                   



Decorative pots, ceramic pots, self watering pots


Medium light


Keep well drained   


64 to 75 Fahrenheit (18 to 24 Celsius)

Pack Size                          

15, 24, 28, or 32 units/pack




Named after the Greek "phalaena" (moth) and "opsis" (looks like), Phalaenopsis is often called the "Moth Orchid" for its resemblance to a moth in flight. One of the most popular orchids, Phalaenopsis is native to regions throughout Southeast Asia, from the Himalayan Mountains to the Philippines and areas in northern Australia.

In the wild, Phalaenopsis grows below canopies of moist and humid lowland forests where they are protected from direct sunlight. Some Phalaenopsis have adapted to thrive in areas that are seasonally cool and dry.

Phalaenopsis are monopidial plants. Spikes extend upwards from a base of flat, glossy, spreading leaves. There are over sixty species of Phalaenopsis, including many natural hybrids.


We produce several varieties of Phalaenopsis in 2.5" pots ranging in colour from white to yellow to purple. Retail chain stores, garden centers and florists will benefit by our wide range of designer upgrades.


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