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African Violets

The most popular houseplant

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The perfect houseplant, easily dresses up a lonely windowsill or bare spot in a room. Incredibly affordable and blooms readily year-round. Our bread and butter. 


Latin name                       





Many flowers, blooms year-round, unique varieties, colorful

Available sizes                                   

2.5" - 4” - 6"


Decorative pots, mylar sheets, speed covers, sleeves


Low to Medium light


Water from bottom, keep soil moist        


68 to 75 Fahrenheit (20 to 24 Celsius)

Pack Size                          

2.5": 24, 28, or 32 units/pack, 4": 15 or 18 units/pack, 6": 8 units/pack




From Africa with Love


The African Violet was discovered in East Africa in 1892 by Baron Walter von Saint Paul, a German Governor of Tanganyika (now Tanzania). He sent seeds back to his father who was an amateur botanist in Germany where it aquired the botanical name: Saintpaulia. African violets have long been associated with mothers and motherhood. For this reason they have been a traditional gift to mothers in many cultures around the world. African violets are also associated with Easter and Valentine's Day.

Over twenty wild species have been found, all of them have blossoms in the blue-violet range with varying characteristics. Hybridization has resulted in the highly varied modern varieties we see today.
The best window for your African violet is a north-facing window in bright weather and an east-facing window the remainder of the time. Southern and western exposures are usually too bright for violets. They will also thrive under fluorescent lights.


Anthoflores® African Violets


Our African violets are 100% pesticide free and are grown with the best environmental stewardship practices available. Anthoflores® is the only African violet entirely tissue culture bred, propagated and grown in North America and is guaranteed free of overseas pathogens. Our violets are monitored and tested for genetic and growth characteristics including colour, size, shape of the leaves and flowers, disease resistance and shelf life. Various stages are available including plugs, pre-finished, semi-finished and finished. Choose from many stylish and retail designer upgrades.


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