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Ornamental peppers

Fiery and colorful

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Ornamental peppers are colour abundant and beautiful! They infuse yellow, orange, red and purple onto tabletops and summer patio gardens. Edible for those who enjoy spice... a lot.  


Latin name                       

Capsicum Samba




Edible, unique varieties, colorful

Available sizes                                   

2.5" - 4” - 6"


Ceramics, biodegradable pot, mylar sheets, speed covers, sleeves


High light


Water frequently        


68 to 75 Fahrenheit (20 to 24 Celsius)

Pack Size                          

2.5": 24, 28, or 32 units/pack, 4": 15 or 18 units/pack, 6": 8 units/pack




Capsicum Samba is a herbaceous annual with a densely branched stem structure and abundant colourful fruits. Single white flowers bear the fruit which is green when unripe, but changes colour into red, orange, yellow, brown or purple. Ornamental pepper can be a colourful input in homes, and can also be used outside in containers on patios.


Capsicum is a member of the Solanaceae family that includes tomato, potato, tobacco and petunia. Capsicum consists of approximately 22 wild species and five domesticated species including C. Annum, C. Baccatum, C. Chinense, C. Frutescens and C. Pubescens. They are cultivated for use in spices, eatable chilies, sweet pepper and ornamental peppers. 
In nature, Capsicum grows as a small perennial shrub and was originally from Middle and South America. They are classified by fruit characteristics like pungency, colour, shape, size and use. Capsicum is the most widely cultivated pepper plant because of the diversity in fruits and ornamental value.


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